Digital problem solving

Managing clinical trials during COVID-19 and beyond

A new, groundbreaking predictive analytical approach which can be deployed in a few weeks to cope with the current crisis, and has the broader potential to transform clinical operations.

Moving from “Best Practice” to “Next Practice”

How to drive effective transformation

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Connected People on the Planet
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Consumers leaving after poor Customer Experience
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ADL Digital Problem Solving success rate in transforming our clients

All markets & clients are undergoing some level of disruption, from shifting economies to new entrants in markets. Clients need new routes to market, new ways to engage and connect with their clients, and differentiated products and services...


We specialize in helping established companies address significant threats or seize new opportunities at pace.


Over the past three years, we have addressed 30 major challenges / opportunities with a range of global clients, across 11 industries. Our initiatives have ranged from full business model innovation through to point digital and operating model transformations to address highly specific functional challenges.