Consultant, Vienna

I am a person who enjoys life. I like pleasure, adrenaline, physical effort and the feeling of accomplishment after completion. That is why I really enjoy eating and drinking, cooking, traveling to places with fantastic landscapes and people, playing sports of all kinds, being in the mountains in summer and winter, and spending time with friends and family.

I can fully realize myself in my work as a consultant at Arthur D. Little – it is challenging and a real pleasure upon success of projects. Plus, I can share these feelings with great colleagues. I studied business administration in Austria (Graz) and Sweden (Kalmar), and joined Arthur D. Little right after graduation. I have been living in Vienna since then, spending most of my free time in nature.

At university, I joined a workshop with Arthur D. Little, and the people I met inspired me. A few weeks later, I was fortunate to join the company as an intern and discover it from the inside. At the end of this first working experience in strategy consulting, I asked myself if consulting was the right job for me, and the answer was that I still did not know. Then I asked myself a different question, which was probably more relevant: “Do I enjoy working in this environment and with these people?” The answer was clearly “YES.”

Indeed, there are a several things I enjoy at Arthur D. Little. The first that comes to mind is the large degree of freedom we have at work. We are very autonomous in the way we organize ourselves, and that is useful for optimizing work-life balance. I am also amazed by the level of client interaction and responsibility you have at Arthur D. Little from an early stage of your career. This is fantastic!

One other great aspect of the consulting experience at ADL is the global training programs. You have time to reflect on your work – which is rare when we are “in the wheel” – and you get the opportunity to meet peers from all over the world in a fun atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed one program called “Influential Communication”, which was designed to analyze and improve communication style. I found this training quite powerful.

But what I like the most about Arthur D. Little is our family culture. We are interested in each other. We listen to and care for each other. This is reflected in the constant cooperation and mutual support that every one of us demonstrates, especially during intense periods of work.

I can only encourage people to be part of that adventure, and my advice to candidates is simple: be yourself – not only during the application process, but also during your work as a consultant. If you pretend to be something you are not, in the long term you might lose – at the client site as well as within the company. If you are authentic and a good fit, you will be successful.

Outside work, I like being outdoors and playing sports of all kinds, mainly in the mountains. Back-country skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer are my favorites. More recently, I have diversified my sports with surfing, which is great fun. I am also a big fan of traveling to places with fantastic landscapes, interesting and tasty food and off the main tracks.