Manager, Dubai

My name is Vidhitha, and I am a senior consultant with Arthur D. Little, based in the Dubai office. 

I chose Arthur D. Little because I knew this company could offer me an unmatched combination of client exposure, industry expertise and challenging project work. And so far, it has delivered exactly what I was expecting. Every day I learn something new, and I am regularly surprised by my job, which is never monotonous. 

I am also a new mom, and still able to keep up with the demands of a consulting career. I am grateful to Arthur D. Little for offering a good work-life balance and supporting me through this important time in my life. I started working again, from home, when my baby was two months old. This was possible because I was given the freedom to choose my work timing and encouraged to set boundaries.

This tells a lot about the culture at Arthur D. Little, which demonstrates caring and humility. We are not a hierarchical organization, unlike many other consulting firms. At Arthur D. Little, everyone’s opinion matters and can be easily voiced. Everyone in the organization is different, and we thrive on this. We do not advocate that all consultants adhere to an established norm. Hence, I would advise candidates to bring their true selves to their interviews (and, later, to the workplace), and not stick to standard “safe” or “diplomatic” answers to questions.